Saturday, 10 July 2010

Sacred Selections 2

Copied and Pasted from Woebot

"A series of pipe organ recitals featuring experimental transcriptions of underground music"
Northern Soul
Thursday 27th April, 2006 at 7 o'clock
St Paul's Chruch, Bedford Street, Covent Garden
Music selected by: Ali Duff, Tam McClymont, and Alan Watson
Transcribed for the organ by: Andrew Macintosh (Royal College of Organists)
Performed by: Daniel Moult (St Peter's Church, Eaton Square) and William Whitehead (Royal Academy of Music)

Happy Hardcore
Thursday 4th May, 2006 at 7 o'clock
St Matthew's Church, Great Peter Street, Westminster
Music selected by: DJ Sy (Quosh Records)
Transcribed for the organ by: John Riley (St Paul's and St George's Episcopal Church, Edinburgh)
Performed by: Paul Ayres (St George's Church, Hanover Square

Black Metal
St Dominic's Priory, Southampton Road, Haverstock Hill
Friday 12th May 2006, at 8 o'clock
Music selected by: Bruno Frenguelli and Grim Reality
Transcribed for the organ by: Andrew Macintosh (Royal College of Organists)
Performed by: Andrew Macintosh (Royal College of Organists)

Matt Stokes's is one of the favourites to win this year's Beck's Futures art prize at the ICA this year. His 'art' is often inspired by documenting or interpreting informal movements or 'rave' culture from an anthropological angle as a means of placing and understanding contemporary culture. His piece in the exhibition is a beautiful crafted 16mm film, 'Long After Tonight', which recreates a Northern Soul Event in a Dundee church. The religious setting and cutaways of icons seen through the swirling skirts and stylised forms of the dancers makes explicit and amplifies the 'worshipful' collective nature of such events whilst acknowledging the importance of faith and belief - however that finds expression. Three organ recitals take place as part of the 'performance' elements to his work, whereby 'dance' music (northen soul and anthem-ish rave tunes) and more bizarrely black metal are transcribed for the organ and performed in churches to lend a new but not unrelated sensibility to both the music and listening experience. These 'Sacred Selections' featuring acclaimed organists, will take place at three central London venues, on 27 april and 4 and 12 may.

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