Monday, 15 August 2011

The Nothing Machine

The Nothing Machine is a remnant of the British Z+ Pinch Inertial Energy Program. A project designed to probe further the boundaries of Nuclear Fusion Technology in the hope of finding a solution to the world's future energy problems.

The experiments ran for six months before curious side-effects surrounding the Z+ Machine could be successfully quantified. After a rigorous investigation was launched by Research Councils UK (RCUK) which discovered that the experimentation had effectively torn a 2m spherical hole in space/time which ‘relaxed’ out to a three square mile vicinity due to the elastic nature of reality when the Z+ machine was turned off. The Z+ Machine was then reconfigured to create a Nothing Containment Field (NCF) and ‘suck’ back in these dispersed gaps to return the Reality Density (RD) of the surrounding area to that measured previously.

Because of its creation and stabilisation of what amounts to a pure nothing, the reconfigured Z+ Machine has been christened ‘The Nothing Machine’ by the remaining attendant Technicians.

During the early experimentation phase of the Z+ Machines operation, various unexpected and unexplainable side effects occurred to the small number of permanent Technicians who were spending the most time around the reactor. These side effects varied in severity, the worst being varying degrees of telomeric shortening which brings about the symptoms of premature aging at the cellular level. The audio frequencies drawn in by the NCF have been shown to put the condition into remission and are now being recorded, edited and refined to produce Nothing Machine Therapy Recordings which allow the Technicians to spend time away from the Machine without the symptoms returning too heavily in the medium term.

How you can help
Experiments are currently underway to establish which portions of the sound are the ones which alleviate the symptoms of telomeric shortening. As part of this, Nothing Machine Therapy Recordings (NMTR) have been created using noises captured from the Nothing Machine and arranged for maximum effect. These Therapy Recordings allow the Technicians to spend periods time away from the Nothing Machine without a return of symptoms.

To fund further research increasing the effectiveness of the recordings and to reduce the financial plight of the Technicians, they have decided to set up a fund to enable public donations and, as a reward for donation, make these recordings available to the public.

NMTR v1 can be downloaded can be purchased for a donation of £4 on

The Nothing Machine on Bandcamp

CDRs of NMTR v1 will be available soon for those wanting a physical copy.